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The Latest News (December 2003):

The final issue of The Broken Face is now available for order. Included are interviews/features on Portland's jazz-folk-drone-indie-improv-whatever ensemble Rollerball, Simon Wickham-Smith's consistently amplified and expanded lexicon of creative music, the Ponys' pop music which is so much about contradictions that we're not even sure it's pop at all, Californian multi-instrumentalist Steven R. Smith, the fog-clad vibrations and aural claustrophobia of Lovely Midget, the untamed beauty of Michael Gira and a deep look into the Finnish underground scene. We also got a chance to visit the frank and humorous, informed and loose world of Pengo, the textural, languid and open landscapes of the Necks, Italian space/psychedelia explorer Dario Antonetti and Texan Crevice's mysterious and atmospheric drones. Add to all this a 1998-2003 wrap up, about 200 reviews and you've got yourself another issue fully packed with fascinating music.


Also available

BF #17 - Sandoz Lab Technicians, Reynols, Chris Thompson, Armpit, Climax Golden Twins, Birchville Cat Motel, The Impossible Shapes, Devendra Banhart, Oddfellows Casino, Tim Barnes and Migrantes.

Prices: BF #18 - $6
Two issues: $10


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Some pictures from the Broken Face Headquarters can be found on the: info-page.

Tinsel, The Lead Shoes

First full-length Tinsel CD "The Lead Shoes" is out now. It's co-released with Keyhole Records (Wisconsin, USA). More info here.

Online Archives

New: Broken Face Online Archives. With help from the fine folks at we 're happy to present the first web-based examples of what the reviews in The Broken Face are like.

Urban Meadows, A Broken Face Compilation

Broken Face Recordings The new compilation, Urban Meadows, is out on CD. With among others Hood, Dipsomaniacs, Green Pajamas, Charalambides, Brother JT, Illyah Kuryahkin, rhBand and Renderers.

The Broken Face Tour

The editor, Mats G was on a world trip in 1999.Read his reports

Editor: Mats Gustafsson

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