Playlists, January 2004 (the final BF-playlists)

  • Mats Gustafsson (Trosa, Sweden), editor

    Sun City Girls "Wah" (Abduction)
    Jack Rose "Opium Musick" (Eclipse)
    The Dead C "The Damned" (Starlight Furniture)
    Linus Pauling Quartet "C6H8O6" (September Gurls)
    Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words "11 Instances." (Ideal)
    Pekko Käppi "Bubnit sebje pod nos" (267 lattajjaa)
    Pelt "Pearls from the River" (VHF)
    Alvarius B & Dylan Nyoukis "Sugar: The Other White Meat" (Catsup Plate)
    Tanakh "Dieu Deuil" (Alien8)
    V/A "Music for the Dead in Space Vol. II & III" (Secret Eye)
    Tinsel "Stitches of Light" (upcoming)
    V/A "Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers" (Free City Media)
    Six Organs of Admittance "For Octavio Paz" (Time-Lag)
    The Lost Domain "Something Is." (Rhizome)
    Dipsomaniacs "Praying Winter" (Camera Obscura)
    Tape "Milieu" (Häpna)
    V/A "Night Recordings from Bali" (Sublime Frequencies)

  • Lee Jackson (Austin, USA), writer

    1. Maher Shalal Hash Baz "Blues Du Jour" (Geographic)
    2. Sunnn 0))) "Flight of the Behemoth" (Southern Lord)
    3. Espers "S/T" (Locust Music)
    4. Ghost "Hypnotic Underwound" (Drag City)
    5. Vibracathedral Orchestra "Queen of Guess" (VHF)
    6. Tetuzi Akiyama "Don't Forget to Boogie" (Idea)
    7. Xhol "Motherfuckers GMBH & Co KG" (Ohr/ZYX)
    8. irr. app. (ext) "Dust Pincher Appliences" (Crouton)
    9. Richard and Mimi Farina "The Best of Mimi and Richard Farina" (Vanguard)
    10. Pip Proud and Tom Carter "Catch a Cherub" (Emperor Jones)
  • Amy Nyman(Boston, USA), writer

  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web
    E-mail: kmd(at)

    Elliott Smith - Either/Or
    Elliott Smith - XO
    Dipsomaniacs - Praying Winter
    GbV - Earthquake Glue
    Built To Spill - Normal Years
    Röyksopp - Melody A.M.
    Nirvana - Downer (song)
    Tinsel - The Lead Shoes
    Dipsomaniacs - Live at Knaus in Trondheim 24.October 1998
    V/A - Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers
  • George Parsons (Nevada City, USA), illustrator and spiritual guide

    1. Ponys "Shishimumu" (Time-Lag)
    2. Robert Wyatt "Cuckooland" (Hannibal/Ryko)
    3. Dipsomaniacs "Praying Winter" (Camera Obscura)
    4. Stephen Yerkey "Up from Mo's" (
    5. Brother JT3 "Hang in there Baby" (Drag City)
    6. Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge "Orpheus: the Lowdown" (Pony Canyon)
    7. Alasdair Roberts "Farewell Sorrow" (Drag City)
    8. Bipolaroid "Transparent Make-Believe" (Surreal But Kind)
    9. Rollerball "Real Hair" (Silber)
    10. Piano Magic "The Troubled Sleep of..." (Green UFOs)
    11. Daniel Carter & Reuben Radding "Luminescence" (Aum Fidelity)
    12. Sunburned Hand of the Man "Magnetic Drugs" (Manhand)
    13. Ghost "Hypnotic Underworld" (Drag City)
  • Nick Bensen (San Francisco, USA), writer.

    Dipsomaniacs "Praying Winter"
    Guided by Voices "Hardcore UFOs box"
    Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Pig Lib"
    Bipolaroid "Transparent Make-believe"
    Linus Pauling Quartet "C6H8O6"
    Kinski "Airs Above Your Station"
    The Lazily Spun "s/t"
    Donovan's Brain "The Great Leap Forward"
    The Minders "The Future Is Always Perfect"
    Keith Christmas "Acoustica"
    V/A "Further Adventures of the Telepathic Explorers"
    The Bevis Frond "New River Head"
    Sun Dial "Other Way Out"
    Neil Young "Greendale"
  • Tim Elder (New York, USA), writer.

  • Peter Sjöblom (Gothenburg, Sweden), writer.

    Atari Teenage Riot "The Future of War"
    Atari Teenage Riot "60 Second Wipe-Out"
    William S. Burroughs "The Best of...from Giorno Poetry Systems" (box set)
    Chrome "3rd from the Sun"
    Depeche Mode "Songs of Faith and Devotion"
    Depeche Mode "Violator"
    Echo & The Bunnymen "Crocodiles"
    Echo & The Bunnymen "Heaven Up Here"
    Echo & The Bunnymen "Ocean Rain"
    Marilyn Manson "The Golden age of Grotesque"

  • Chris Moon (Providence, USA), writer.


  • José Marmeleira

    Flesh Eaters "A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die (Slash)
    Vibracathedral Orchestra "The Queen of Guess" (VHF)
    Throbbing Gristle "Heathen Earth" (Mute)
    Amps For Christ "Circuits" (Vermiform)
    Slumber Party "3" (Kill Rock Stars)
    The Who "The Who Sell Out" (Polydor)
    USAISAMONSTER "Citizens of the Universe" (Infrasound)
    FATIMA X "Angeles in Loop\205" (Transformadores)
    Double Leopards "Halve Maen" (Eclipse)
    Mars "The Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978 (G3G)
    Outkast "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" (Arista)

  • Kelly Burnette

    Songs of Norway "Despite the Cloak" (Beta-lactam)
    Intersystems "Number 1 LP" (Organ of Corti)
    Dipsomaniacs "The Tremolo of Her Mind...The Strings of Her Soul" (Free City
    Guru Guru "Hinten"
    Volcano the Bear and Jackie O'Motherfucker "Live 16-10-02" (Boot)
    Jimmy Lyons "The Box Set" (Ayler Records)
    The Dead C "The Damned" (Starlight Furniture Co.)
    Doktor Kettu "High Revolutions" (Super Metsa)
    Gregory Whitehead "Principia Schizophonica" (RRR)
    Magic Band (All Tomorrow's Parties Festival Performance-Radio Broadcast

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