• Mats Gustafsson (Stockholm, Sweden), editor
    E-mail: mats_gustafsson@hotmail.com

    Playlist of October 99:

    Tadpoles "Whirlaway" (CD, Camera Obscura) Illyah Kuryahkin (tracks from upcoming album on Arena Rock)
    Salamander "From the Vault" (CD-R, Camera Lucida)
    Ghost "Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet" (CD, Drag City)
    Novasonic Down Hyper Space "Embracing Magnetics" (CD, AudioInformationPhenomena)
    East River Pipe "The Gasoline Age" (CD, Merge)
    7% Solution "Gabriel’s Waltz" (CD, X-Ray)
    Seamonster "You May Unfasten Your Seatbelts" (CD, Rosewood Union)
    Knife in the Water "Play One Sound And Others" (CD, Bellwether)
    Peter Scion "Sampler" (CD, Domestica)

  • Lee Jackson (Texas, USA), writer

    Playlist of October

    1. Volebeats "Solitude" (SafeHouse)
    2. Abunai! "Mystic River Sound" (Camera Obscura)
    3. Elf Power "Come On EP" (Little Army)
    4. Major Stars "Space Time" (Twisted Village)
    5. Sandra Bell "City of Sorrows" (VHF)
    6. Piano Magic "Low Birth Weight" (Rocket Girl)
    7. Guided By Voices "Do the Collapse" (TVT)
    8. Six Organs of Admittance "Dust and Chimes" (Pavilion)
    9. Nurse With Wound "An Awkward Pause" (United Dairies)
    10. Dead C "Tusk" (Siltbreeze)

  • Mikey Sylvain (Leeds, England), writer
    E-mail: mikeystinks@yahoo.com

    Playlist of October:

  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web
    Web: www.stud.ntnu.no/~karlmort
    E-mail: karlmort@stud.ntnu.no

    Playlist of October 99:
    Sunny Day Real Estate - Pillars (låt)
    Low - Secret Name
    Hobbits - Flyger Upp (låt)
    Dipsomanaics - Braid Of Knees
    Robert Pollard - Kid Marine
    Silver Jews - Pet Politics (låt)
    Aphex Twin - IZ-US (låt)
    Beulah - When The Heartstrings Break
    Of Montreal - Don't Ask Me To Explain (låt)
    Guided By Voices - Dragon's Awake (låt)

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