• Mats Gustafsson (Stockholm, Sweden), editor
    E-mail: mats_gustafsson@hotmail.com

    Playlist of January:
    Elektro Nova / Electro Nova “S/t” Weird electronic darkness from a Norwegian one-man project. A double CD that takes the minimalistic sound almost as far as you can take it.
    Elf Power “When the Red King Comes” One of the members of the Elephant 6 family. Should have been on my top list for '98 if I would have heard it in time…
    Fifty Foot Hose “Sing Like Scaffold” The comeback from these electronic champions with the masterpieces “Cauldron” from 1969 in the luggage. Right up the same alley as Silver Apples.
    Kable “Chlorophyll” No one sounds like Kable. Except Kable that is…
    Labradford “S/t” Like Kable not even close to be new but still god damn brilliant. If you don't have this already now is the time.
    Love “Forever Changes” Don't need an introduction. I always come back to this masterpiece.
    Minders “Hooray For Tuesday” At first this nice pop band was somewhat like a disappointment to me but it keep getting more and more stereo time. Very nice.
    Monroe Mustang “Plain Sweeping Themes for the Unprepared” One of the albums from 1998 that I picked up too late. Very nice Texas rock out on Trance Syndicate. (Same label as Bedhead)
    Renderers “A Dream of the Sea” Still the best album of '98. Brilliant!
    Silver Jews “American Water” Caught me at first listen and it keeps growing.
    Thee Unmist “LP” Norwegian rock/pop guys in the spirit of Bedhead, Mogwai and Sonic Youth. A really nice surprise.

  • Lee Jackson (Texas, USA), writer

    Playlist of January:

    Cinerama “Va Va Voom” Wedding Present head honcho indulges in his love of strings laden pop, Brian Wilson and other fixations. Less noise, more poise.
    Procol Harum “A Salty Dog” Soulful blues rock with a slight prog feel courtesy of Mathew Fisher's glorious organ runs and first rate vocals/lyrics from the one and only Gary Brooker.
    Nebula “Let It Burn” Fu Manchu offshoot in the “stoned stomp” vein. I'm positive these guys all have worn copies of Monster Magnet's “Spine of God” under their beds, and that's not a band thing.
    Comus “First Utterance” Outstanding reissue of this early 70's concoction that mixes the ethereal brilliance of acid folk masters, Pentangle and Fairport Convention, with the prog experimentation of King Crimson. Weird helium-like vocals might scare ya away on first listen, but the superb instrumentation/production and all around air of brilliance will suck you in.
    ST-37 “The Secret Society” Sounds about as good as any Hawkwind loving, Chrome song christened, Texas space rock band could sound. Cool cover too.
    Peter Jefferies “Electricity” Excellent album of noisy pop and quieter folky songs, all anchored on Jefferies' assured electric piano and unique vocals.
    RhBand “First Tone” Electronic/noise soundscapes incorporating guitars, tapes, found sounds, and other unidentifiable sound sources…and it sounds good, I mean really good.
    Cordelia's Dad “Spine” A convincing American attempt at Fairport Convention's more traditional workouts, with a distinctively authentic Appalachian feel that breathes with the air of a million coal workers.
    Cat Power “Moon Pix” Poor defeated Chan Marshall's latest is easily her greatest, might have something to do with her backing band (2/3's of the Dirty Three). Still there's that voice, a thing of stark beauty and sadness.
    Shit Spangled Banner “No Dolby No DBX” #3 in Ecstatic Yod's Actuel Ass Run series. Very heavy distorto-stomp workouts mixed with extremely drug damaged ambient type pieces. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Mikey Sylvain (Leeds, England), writer
    E-mail: mikeystinks@yahoo.com

    Playlist of January:
    Plasticman 'Consumed' (Novamute)
    Squarepusher 'Hard Normal Daddy' (Warp)
    Boards of Canada 'Music Has the Right To Children' (Warp)
    Clifford Gilberto 'I was young and I needed the money' (Ninja Tunes)
    Dj Food [the one with the pizza on the front but whose name escapes me] (Ninja Tunes)
    Wagon Christ 'Tally Ho' (Virgin... but I'm not sure about this one cos it's silly, but it does have a track called 'my organ in your face' so that's okay)
    Dj Vadim ...I'm buggered if I can remember what this one's called either but it's on... (Ninja Tunes)
    Squarepusher 'Feed Me Weird Things' (Rephlex)
    Jeff Mills 'Waveform Transmissions vol. 3' (Tresor)
    'We Are Reasonable People' Warp compilation (Warp)

  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web
    Web: www.stud.ntnu.no/~karlmort
    E-mail: karlmort@stud.ntnu.no

    Playlist of January:
    Miles Davies - Kind Of Blue
    The Velvet Underground and Nico
    Soundgarden - Hands All Over (song from their Louder Than Love album)
    Quasi - Featuring Birds
    Beethoven - Symphony #9 in D minor
    Now Voyager
    Stuntbike - Gone
    Broken Face compilation
    Chick corea elektric band - Corea Chick Elektric Band
    Coltrane John - A Love Supreme

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