• Mats Gustafsson (Stockholm, Sweden), editor
    E-mail: mats_gustafsson@hotmail.com

    Playlist of November:
    Renderers ”A Dream of the Sea” (Siltbreeze, 1998)
    Quasi “Featuring Birds” (Domino, 1998)
    Dipsomaniacs “Reverb No Hollowness” (Progress, 1998)
    Magnetic Health Factory “Come Save Me”, CD-track from “Don't Postpone Joy” (Blank Stare Records, 1998)
    Roy Montgomery “And Now the Rain..” (Drunken Fish, 1998)
    Skip Spence “Oar” (Columbia, 1969)
    Photon Band “All Young In the Soul” (Darla, 1998)
    Continental Fruit “Riviera EP”, 7” on Smalltown Supersound
    A Minor Forest “Inindependence” (Thrill Jockey, 1998)
    Moby Grape “Moby Grape” (Columbia, 1967)

  • Lee Jackson (Texas, USA), writer

    Playlist of November:

    1. Tadpoles “Smoke Ghost” (Bakery) Far out acid rock/psych pop from this Hoboken quartet…expertly produced; owes equally to Barrett era Floyd, 13th Floor Elevators and Spacemen 3.
    2. Photon Band “All Young in the Soul” (Darla) More of the same, with more traditional influences (Who, Kinks, Dylan) though the end result is often stretched and pummeled into some mighty killer jams, debut of the year as far as I’m concerned.
    3. Mercury Rev “Deserter’s Song” (V2) Just the fact that this band continues to surprise me is reason enough check this out…doesn’t hurt that it’s brilliant either.
    4. Stereolab “Aluminum Tunes” (Drag City) Another veteran groop that continues to amaze and stupefy, and according to who ya ask, a strong (and more Kraut-influenced) return to form. I tend to agree.
    5. Stars of the Lid/Windsor for the Derby split 7” (33 Degrees) Debut platter from new Austin label serves up a pulsating minimal drone from the Stars of the Lid called “Julie Delpy” on side a, which is almost as gorgeous as its namesake, and a trancey, acoustic thing by Windser for the Derby in the Fajey mold.
    6. Juneau “s/t” (Badabing) One of the best free/psych sorta records I’ve heard this year, and I’ve heard some good ones, a more rhythmic Dead C, a more guitar dominated Can, a more abrasive “Ummagumma” era Floyd…none of these descriptions are really accurate, but they gives you an idea.
    7. Freed Unit “Things Are Looking Up” (Enraptured) Fabulous post Spacemen 3 drone pop out of England, would probably appeal to fans of Hood or Disco Inferno, though they maintain a decidedly cheerier disposition than any of the above.
    8. Stone Breath “A Silver Thread To Weave the Seasons” (Camera Obscura) Mystical acid folk from Stone Breath folks, with nods to English acid folk of the 60’s and more recently Ghost…features some more spacious meditative drones toward the finale for peak spiritual enlightenment.
    9. Renderers “A Dream of the Sea” (Siltbreeze) Psych/country jams from New Zealand, featuring the achingly defeated vocals of Maryrose Crook and the baked/ brilliant guitar work of Brian Crook. Sure to appeal to fans of Run On, Yo La Tengo, and so called “alt country.”
    10. High Rise “II” (Squealer) Almost all other bands cease to matter when you hear this record for the first time. The quintessential, psychedelic, speed rock album.

  • Mikey Sylvain (Leeds, England), writer
    E-mail: mikeystinks@yahoo.com

    Playlist of june:
    nick drake 'five leaves left'
    jeff mills 'waveform transmissions vol.3'
    air 'moon safari'
    miles davis 'miles ahead'
    orbital 'in sides'buzzcocks 'singles going steady'
    the smiths 'hatful of hollow'
    system7/plasticman 'alphawave'
    r.e.m. 'murmur'
    ween (some sort of naughty compilation)

  • Darren Waite (Norwich, England), writer

  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web
    Web: www.stud.ntnu.no/~karlmort
    E-mail: karlmort@stud.ntnu.no

    Playlist of November:
    Bob Hund - S/T (1994)
    Built To Spill - There's Nothing Wrong With Love (1995)
    Beethoven Symphony No.9
    Dipsomaniacs - Reverb No Hollowness (1998)
    Belle & Sebastian - They Boy With The Arab Strap (1998)
    Pixies - Live at the BBC (1998)
    Olivia Tremor Control - Live Sweden August 98 (Thanks to swedish P3)
    PJ Harvey - Dry (1992)
    Mudhoney - Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (1991)
    Various - To Bob Be The Glory/A GbV tribute (1998)

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