• Mats Gustafsson (Stockholm, Sweden), editor
    E-mail: mats_gustafsson@hotmail.com

    Playlist of august:
    Atman "Sounddreams", one of the older mind opening albums from these Polish giants (Obuh Records, 1995)
    Charalambides Got to be one of the best bands in the world right now, at least in my world.
    Dunlavy "Speak", A Dry Nod cover that will be included on the mighty Broken Face compilation cassette.
    Green Pajamas "Strung Behind the Sun", album (Camera Obscura, 1997)
    Kable "Tardy All the Time", CD-track from the album with the same name. Written, performed, recorded and artworked by Miss Kay Bonya. Psych meets folk and itĺs brilliant (Fleece Records, 1998)
    Montgomery, Roy "And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life Is Falling Down through It", album (Drunken Fish, 1998). What a title!
    rhBand Extremely far out post-space/noise/rock that will blow the open minded music lover totally away. We donĺt talk songs here; a better word is definitely soundscapes. (Drunken Fish, 1998)
    Smith, Giles "Lost In Music", a book about a persons search for the perfect record collection. Quite brilliant if you ask me.
    Uilab "Fires", CD5 (Duophonic Super 45s, 1998)
    Waite, Darren Demo-tracks. Instrumental stuff in the spirit of Slint. Brilliant!
    Worthington "A Faster Ceiling", CD-track from their new album. Guided by Voices meets Bob Mould.

  • Lee Jackson (Texas, USA), writer

    Playlist of august:

    1. Soft Machine ˘s/t÷ --Every minute of this classic lp just blows me away. Only had Vol. 2 for the longest time, which is quirky, eccentric pop compared to the all out psych damaged space manifestations the Machine conjures here. Explosive production, consummate musicianship, and no guitars to get in the way.
    2. Linus Pauling Quartet ˘Killing You With Rock.÷--˘Dance of the Bug People÷ off the 4Ăs latest stomp/psych monster is surely the freakiest stoned groove ever laid to magnetic tape.
    3. Robert Wyatt ˘Rock Bottom÷/÷Ruth is Stranger Than Richard÷ --Two pinnacles from WyattĂs post Soft Machine solo career. Proto post rock or just haunting, droning, jazzy psych rock?...you be the judge.
    4. Roy Montgomery ˘And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life is Falling Down Through It÷-- I think this guy has his own personal phone line to the heavens via his guitar and tascam 4-track, and Drunken Fish are my own personal Linda Tripp getting all the tasty details down on tape.
    5. Linus Pauling Quartet ˘Jason Bill÷ Consider me a fan...From the Worship Guitars MP3 singles club(http://www.hypercon.com/worshipguitars).
    6. Vortex Navigation Company ˘Poison in the Water÷ --A fellow from the psych/drone ensemble Salamander goes it solo delivering some very spaced acoustic drones that are reminiscent of the Charalambides and Roy M. Completely hypnotic. From the Camera Obscura MP3 singles club (http://www.cameraobscura.com.au).
    7. Small Faces ˘s/t÷--Fierce, bluesy psych pop that predates and beats Zeppelin at their own game, though they pull it off with shorter, punkier numbers.
    8. Cornelius ˘Fantasma÷ --Post pop thatĂs similar to Beck but me thinks much more inventively produced, and thereĂs a blatant Brian Wilson fixation to boot.
    9. Silkworm ˘Blueblood÷ --Fine new album of midtempo pop thatĂs as heavy as it is breathtaking. Something of an acquired taste perhaps, but they still get my vote as one of AmericaĂs finest as far as this sort of thing goes.
    10. Doldrums ˘Feng Shui÷-- From Richmond, VA and completely addictive. Droney psych folk/noise concoction that is, I think the word is,mind-blowing.

  • Mikey Sylvain (Leeds, England), writer
    E-mail: mikeystinks@yahoo.com

    Playlist of june:
    nick drake 'five leaves left'
    jeff mills 'waveform transmissions vol.3'
    air 'moon safari'
    miles davis 'miles ahead'
    orbital 'in sides'buzzcocks 'singles going steady'
    the smiths 'hatful of hollow'
    system7/plasticman 'alphawave'
    r.e.m. 'murmur'
    ween (some sort of naughty compilation)

  • Darren Waite (Norwich, England), writer

  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web
    Web: www.stud.ntnu.no/~karlmort
    E-mail: karlmort@stud.ntnu.no

    Playlist of August:
    Verdi's Requiem
    Dipsomaniacs - Ugly Side (1998)
    GEM - Hexed (1995)
    Neutral Milh Hotel - Aeroplane (1998)
    Guided By Voices - Fly Into Ashes (live)
    Various - Apartment sampler

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