Playlists, July 2002

  • Mats Gustafsson (Trosa, Sweden), editor

    The Music Ensemble "S/t" (Roaratorio)
    Arco Flute Foundation "Everything After the Bomb Is Sci-Fi" (Cenotaph Audio)
    The Impossible Shapes "Laugheter Fills Our Hollow Dome" (Recordhead)
    Tanakh "Villa Claustrophobia" (Alien8)
    Cul de Sac "Immortality Lessons" (Strange Attractors Audio House)
    Kemialliset Ystävät "Kellari Juniversumi" (Fonal)
    Major Stars "Distant Effects" (Squealer Music)
    Charalambides "Being As Is" (Crucial Blast)
    Drekka "Take Care To Fall" (BlueSanct)
    Mus "El Naval" (Acuarela)

  • Lee Jackson (Austin, USA), writer

    No-Neck Blues Band "Stick sand Stones..." (Revenant)
    Migrantes "Moon Journals" (Eclipse)
    Brother JT3 "Spirituals" (Drag City)
    Dead C "New Electric Music" (Language Recordings)
    The Melvins "Hostile Ambient Takeover" (Ipecac)
    Giant Sand "Cover Magazine" (Thrill Jockey)
    Six Organs of Admittance "Dark Noontide" (Holy Mountain)
    Boris "Flood" (Midi Creative)
    Monster Island "Dream Tiger" (The End is Here)
    Nico "The End" (Island)
  • Amy Nyman(Boston, USA), writer

    Snowglobe - Our Land Brains (Bardot)
    Archer Prewitt - Three (Thrill Jockey)
    RockFour - Another Beginning (Rainbow Quartz)
    Bronco Bullfrog - The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker (Mushroom Pillow)
    Guided by Voices - Universal Truths and Cycles (Matador)
    Moby Grape - s/t (Columbia)
    Bee Gees - Bee Gees 1st, Horizontal (Atco)
    Autosalvage - s/t (Acadia)
    Byrds - (untitled)/(unissued) (Columbia)
    Damien Youth - various things (Zygote/Blackberry)
  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web

    Dipsomaniacs - The tremolo of her mind...the strings of her soul (Free City)
    Sonic Youth - Murray Street (Geffen)
    Bird Dog - A Sweet and Bitter Fancy (hhbtm)
    Seid - Among the Monster Flowers Again (Luftwaffel)
    V/A - The International League of Telepathic Explorers (Free City)
    Gwens - Devil's Cliff (hhbtm)
    Gwens/Breezy Portions - Split 7" (hhbtm)
    Mini Kyute - Sanctuary 7" (hhbtm)
    V/A - Dream Magazine cd
    Comus - Diana
    V/A - Looking Down (35g)
  • George Parsons (Nevada City, USA), illustrator and spiritual guide

    Public Nuisance "Gotta Survive" (Frantic)
    Rocket From The Tombs "The Day the Earth Met the..." (Smog Veil)
    The Music Ensemble "The Music Ensemble" (Roaratorio)
    Vincent Gallo "Recordings of Music for Film" (Warp)
    The Magic Carpathians "Ethnocore 3: Vak" (Fly Music)
    Simon Stokes "Honky" (Uppercut)
    Gold Sparkle Band "Fugues & Flowers" (Squealer)
    David Greenberger/Terry Adams "The Duplex Planet Radio Hour" (Carrot Top)
    Kemialliset Ystävät "Kellari Juniversumi" (Fonal)
    Cul De Sac "Immortality Lessons" (Strange Attractors)
    Matt Valentine "Tonight! One Night Only!..." (Child of Microtones)
    Circulatory System "Circulatory System" (Cloud Recordings)
    Oddfellows Casino "Yellowbellied Wonderland" (Pickled Egg)
  • Nick Bensen (San Francisco, USA), writer.

    The Bevis Frond "What Did For The Dinosaurs" (Woronzow/Rubric)
    Guided By Voices "Universal Truths And Cycles" (Matador)
    Mountain Mirrors "Improvisations From A Void"  (self-released)
    Patrick Porter "Reverb Saved My Life" (Camera Obscura)
    The Sand Pebbles "Eastern Terrace  bonus disc" (Camera Obscura)
    The Shiny Gnomes "Wild Spells (And How It All  Began...)" (Sireena)
    Sh'mantra "Sub_floating" (self-released)
    Smoking The Century Away "Animated Weightlessness" (Nuggetphase)
    Suicide Cat "Food For Thought" (Pink Hedgehog)
    Various Artists "Floralia Vol. 4" (Mizmaze/Wot 4)
  • Tim Elder (New York, USA), writer.

    Tristeza "mania phase" 12-inch (gravity)
    Mum "finally we are no one" double 10-inch (fat cat)
    Vibracathedral Orchestra / Jackie-O Motherfucker split LP (textile)
    Windsor for the Derby "the emotional rescue LP" (aesthetics)
    Yume Bitsu "the golden vessyl of sound" double LP (K)
    The Clientele "suburban light" LP (pointy)
    Empress "retrospective 1995-1999" CD (555)
    Oren Ambarchi "suspension" double LP (staubgold)
    Brian Eno "thursday afternoon" CD (e.g)
    Hood "you show no emotion at all" CD-single (domino)
  • Peter Sjöblom (Gothenburg, Sweden), writer.

    The Creation "Our Music Is Red with Purple Flashes"
    Spencer Davis Group "The Best of the SDG"
    Francoise Hardy "The Vogue Years"
    The Hollies "Butterfly"
    The Music Machine "Beyond the Garage"
    The Small Faces "The Decca Anthology 1965-1967"
    The Small Faces "The Darlings of Wapping Wharf"
    Traffic "The Collection"
    V/A "Blow Up A-Go Go"
    V/A "The Cream of Vintage Soul Vol. 1

  • Chris Moon (Providence, USA), writer.

    The Renderers "A Dream of the Sea" (Siltbreeze)
    The Mike Gunn "Durban Poison/Hemp for Victory" ("00" Double Naught)
    Jandek "Ready for the House" (Corwood)
    Fursaxa "Fursaxa" (Ecstatic Peace)
    Elvis Presley "The Complete 50's Masters" (RCA)
    Lightning Bolt "Ride the Skies" (Load Records)
    Ash Ra Tempel "Ash Ra Tempel" (Spalax)
    The Carter Family "The Carter Family 1927-1934" (JSP)
    White Heaven "Strange Bedfellow" (PSF)

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