Playlists, April 2002

  • Mats Gustafsson (Trosa, Sweden), editor

    Six Organs of Admittance "Dark Moontide" (Holy Mountain)
    Vibracathedral Orchestra "Dabbling With Gravity and Who You are" (VHF)
    The Iditarod "The Ghost, The Elf, the Cat and the Angel" (BlueSanct)
    Peter Scion "Through My Ghost" (Domestica)
    Black Sun Ensemble "Hymn of the Master" (Camera Obscura)
    Nagisa Ni te "Feel" (Jagjaguwar)
    Thuja "Ghost Plants" (Emperor Jones)
    Brother JT "Maybe We Should Tale Some More?" (Birdman)
    Various Artists "U-Sound, Vol. One" (Parallellism)
    Songs:Ohia "Didn\222t It Rain" (Secretly Canadian)

  • Lee Jackson (Austin, USA), writer

    Wayne Rogers "At Home" (Twisted Village)
    The Czars "The Ugly People -vs- the Beautiful People" (Manifesto/Bella Union)
    Gellian Welch "Time (The Revelator)" (Acony)
    David Kilgour "A Feather in the Engine" (Merge)
    Clint/Server "End of Client/Server" (Three Lonely Kaiju)
    Cornelius "Point" (Matador)
    M. Gira/ D. Matz "What We Did" (Young God Records)
    Gwei-lo "Gwei-lo" (Instinct/Bella Union)
    Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions "Bavarian Fruit Bread" (Rough Trade)
    Bob Bannister "Dives and Lazarus" (Twisted Village) 
  • Amy Nyman(Boston, USA), writer

    The Action - Rolled Gold (Dig the Fuzz)
    Dreamies - Auralgraphic Entertainment (Gear Fab)
    Hollies - catalogue
    Neil Innes and Yo La Tengo - Live in Cambridge
    Gene Clark - Gypsy Angel, Demos 1983-1990 (Evangeline)
    Mike d'Abo - Collection, vol. 1 (RPM)
    Aquarium Poppers - Recomander Tunes in Various Stations (35g)
    The Sunshine Fix - Age of the Sun (Emperor Norton)
    Dressy Bessy - Sound Go Round (Kindercore)
    The Deathray Davies - The Day of the Ray (Idol)
  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web

    Dulcimer - Caravan (song, album: Dulcimer)
    The Trees - Garden Of Jane Delawny (CD)
    Bread, Love and Dreams - Brother John (song, album: Amarylis)
    Comus - Song To Comus (song, album: First Utterance)
    Famous Jug Band - A Leaf Must Fall (song, album: Sunshine Possibilities)
    Ring/Peter Scion/Groan Alone/The Orchid Pool - Looking Down EP
    Dipsomaniacs - catalogue
    Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa til du Dør
    Zombies - Odessey and Oracle
    Tables - Shady Whims & Obstacles
  • George Parsons (Nevada City, USA), illustrator and spiritual guide

     1. Holy River Family Band "Earthquake Country" (Wild Places)
     2. Brother JT "Maybe We Should Take Some More" (Birdman)
     3. Six Organs of Admittance "Dark Noontide" (Holy Mountain)
     4. Sun City Girls "High Asia / Low Pacific" (Abduction)
     5. Bob Bannister "Dives and Lazarus" (Twisted Village)
     6. Joshua "Glod Cosmos" (Feather One's Nest)
     7. Shalabi Effect "The Trial of St-Orange" (Alien8)
     8. Richard Youngs "May" (Jagjaguwar)
     9. Jandek "Worthless Recluse" (Corwood)
     10. Don Cherry "The Sonet Recordings" (Verve) not new, but new to me.
  • Nick Bensen (San Francisco, USA), writer.

    The Bevis Frond - Triptych remastered with 6 bonus tracks(Rubric)
    Dipsomaniacs - Stethoscopic Notion (Camera Obscura)
    Discolor - III (Mizmaze/Lizard)
    Matty & Mossy - Fraimers Hamey (Fleece)
    Metropolitan - Down For You Is Up (Crank Automotive)
    Ohm - Raw Ohm (Mizmaze/Snowdonia)
    Orange Alabaster Mushroom - Space And Time (Hidden Agenda)
    Smoking The Century Away - Animated Weightlessness (Nuggetphase)
    V/A - POT 31 Get Yer Pots Out (Ptolemaic Terrascope)
    V/A - This Note's For You Too! a tribute to Neil Young (Inbetweens)
  • Tim Elder (New York, USA), writer.

    windsor for the derby - emotional rescue 12" ep (holophonor music)
    do make say think - & yet & yet LP (constellation)
    drive like jehu - s/t LP (cargo / headhunter)
    third eye foundation - little lost soul LP (domino)
    sun city girls - 330,000 crossdressers from beyond the rig veda (locust)
    hood - (the) weight 7" (555)
    the clientele - the lost weekend 10" ep (earworm)
    dean roberts & the black moths - play the grand cinema CD (ritornell) 
  • Peter Sjöblom (Gothenburg, Sweden), writer.

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "S/t"
    Destroy All Monsters "Swamp Gas"
    The International Noise Conspiracy "A New Morning Changing Weather"
    Augustus Pablo "Skanking with Pablo 1971-1977"
    Rocket From The Tombs "The Day the Earth Met..."
    String Builder: "S/t"
    V/A "Lonesome Valley"
    V/A "Northern Soul Classics Vols. 1-3"

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