Playlists, Christmas 2001

  • Mats Gustafsson (Trosa, Sweden), editor

    Okkervil River "Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See" CD (Jagjaguwar)
    Sunroof! "Bliss" CD (VHF)
    The Tower Recordings "Folk Scene" CD (Communion)
    The Green Pajamas "This Is Where We Disappear" CD (Woronzow)
    Ohm "Raw Ohm" CD (Mizmaze/Snowdonia)
    Omit "Rejector" CD-R (self-released)
    Outrageous Cherry CD "The Spectral Book of Projections" (Poptones)
    Kawabata/Youngs "S/t" CD (VHF)
    Primordial Undermind "Beings of Game P-U" CD (Camera Obscura)
    Yellow6 CD "Lake:Desert" (Ochre)

  • Lee Jackson (Austin, USA), writer

    Nagiza Ni Te "On the Love Beach" (Org/Jasrac)
    Mouse on Mars "Instrumentals" (Thrill Jockey)
    The Velvet Underground Bootleg Series "Volume 1: The Quine Tapes" (Polygon)
    Hood "Cold House" (Aesthetics)
    Gillian Welsh "Hell Among the Yearlings" (Acony Records)
    Vocokesh "Ispepnaibara" (Lexicon Devil)
    The Clientele "Suburban Lights" (Merge)
    Slumber Party "Psychedelicate" (Kill Rock Stars)
    Stars of the Lid "Tired Sounds of..." (Kranky)
  • Amy Nyman(Boston, USA), writer

    The Tokens - Intercourse (B.T. Puppy) 
    Fairfield Parlour - From Home to Home (Get Back) 
    Mazarin - A Tall-Tale Storyline (SpinArt) 
    Outrageous Cherry - The Book of Spectral Projections (Poptones) 
    Fugu - Fugu 1 (Minty Fresh) 
    International Submarine Band - Safe at Home (Sundazed) 
    Beachwood Sparks - Once We Were Trees (Sub Pop) 
    The Blue Things - The Blue Things (Rewind) 
    The Factory - Complete Story (Hyacinth) 
    George Harrison - All Things Must Pass (Capitol) 
  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web

    Jeff Kelly - Indiscretion (Hidden Agenda)
    Circulatory System - s/t (Cloud)
    Loch Ness Mouse - Flair For Deerjaling (Perfect Pop)
    Silver Jews - Bright Flight (Drag City)
    Circus Devils - Ringworm Interiors (Fading Captain)
    Pink Floyd - Echoes
    Nick Bensen - No Restistance (Free City Media)
    Hood - Cold House (Aesthetics)
    Hood - Live at Terrastock 3 (august 29, 1999)
    Beulah - The Coast Is Never Clear
  • George Parsons (Nevada City, USA), illustrator and spiritual guide

    The Green Pajamas "This Is Where We Disappear" (Woronzow)
    No Neck Blues Band "Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Will
    Hurt Me" (Revenant)
    Various "Terrastock 4 Video" (Ptolemaic Terrascope)
    The Velvet Underground "Bootleg Series Vol. 1: The Quine Tapes" (Polydor)
    Paul Flaherty/Chris Corsano "The Hated Music" (Ecstatic Yod)
    Okkervil River "Don't Fall In Love with Everyone You See" (Jagjaguwar)
    Sunroof "Bliss" (VHF)
    Rivulets "Rivulets" (Chair Kickers Union, Inc.)
    Dipsomaniacs "Stethoscopic Notion" (Camera Obscura)
    Avarus "Horuksen Keskimmäisen Silmän Mysteerikoulu" (lal lal lal)
  • Nick Bensen (San Francisco, USA), writer.

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - B.R.M.C. CD (Virgin)
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre - braveryrepetitionandnoise CD (Bomp)
    Dipsomaniacs - Dulcimer's Dream 7" single (Two Zero)
    Dipsomaniacs - Stethoscopic Notion CD (Camera Obscura)
    Dunlavy - The Alison Effect CD (Camera Obscura)
    Grateful Dead - The Golden Road 1965-1973 12-CD Box (Rhino/Warner Bros.)
    George Harrison - All Things Must Pass 2-CD Box Reissue
    Outrageous Cherry - The Book Of Spectral Projections CD (Poptones)
    Photon Band - Our Own ESP Driven Scene CD (Darla)
    The Sunshine Fix - Age Of The Sun promo CD (to be released on Emperor
  • Tim Elder (New York, USA), writer.

    Duo Fourteen vs. Hood - 10-inch (555)
    Hood - Cold House LP (Aesthetic) 
    Popol Vuh - Seligspreisung LP (Think Progressive)
    Winfred E. Eye - The Day I Lost My Sea Legs CD (Whaleboy)
    Morton Feldman - Coptic Light CD (Argo)
    Morton Feldman - all piano John Tilbury 4CD (London Hall) 
    Acid Mothers Temple - In C / In E LP (Eclipse) 
    Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of... 3LP (Kranky)
    Nurse with Wound - Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP (Streamline)
    AMM - Live in Allentown USA CD (Matchless)

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