Playlists, May 1998

  • Mats Gustafsson (Stockholm, Sweden), editor

    Playlist of may:
    Bardo Pond “Pick My Brain”, CD-track from the album Lapsed (1997, Matador)
    Bedhead “Transaction de Novo”, album released 1998 on Trance Syndicate
    Charalambides “Think About”, CD-track from the album Market Square. Sick, slightly twisted but then…these are The Charalambides (Siltbreeze, 1995)
    Hood “Your Ambient Voice”, CD-track from the album Rustic Houses Forlorn Valleys (Domino Recordings 1998)
    Iota “S/t”, the 7” debut from the Swedish instrumentalists (Slowball 1998)
    LP4 “Linus Theme”, CD-track from the mighty Texas band Linus Pauling Quartet. We are not Black Sabbath but we could kick their…
    Motorpsycho “Kill Some Day”, CD-track from Timothy's Monster.
    Neutral Milk Hotel “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”, album released 1998 on Merge
    Ui “The 2-sided EP”, re-released masterpiece from Ui (Southern Records)
    Various Artists “Alms”, a benefit album for the Ptolemaic Terrascope

  • Lee Jackson (Texas, USA), writer

    Playlist of may:
    1. Bevis Frond _Northern Circular_ latest and greatest from England's last great non rock star.
    2. Flamin' Groovies _Shake Some Action_ Big Star fans should make note of these mid 70's popsters.
    3. Uilab _Fires_ Stereolab and UI do four versions of Eno's Fire. Imagine the possibilities.
    4. Creedence Clearwater Revival _Cosmo's Factory_ I can't believe I only just got this.
    5. Major Stars _Rock Revival_ title says it all-let there be light.
    6. Magnog _More Weather_ massive drone rock emanations in the Ash Ra Temple mold.
    7. Damon and Naomi _Playback Singers_ gorgeous folk pop by two fine individuals.
    8. Eno _Here Comes the Warm Jets_ Kraut pop and art punk converge in one man's brain, circa 1973.
    9. Quad _s/t_ this solo project from Sun Dial main man is a psych guitar masterwork.
    10. David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights _s/t_ simple pop genius, more essential than oxygen.

  • Mikey Sylvain (Leeds, England), writer

    Playlist of may:
    nick drake 'five leaves left'
    jeff mills 'waveform transmissions vol.3'
    air 'moon safari'
    miles davis 'miles ahead'
    orbital 'in sides'buzzcocks 'singles going steady'
    the smiths 'hatful of hollow'
    system7/plasticman 'alphawave'
    r.e.m. 'murmur'
    ween (some sort of naughty compilation)

  • Darren Waite (Norwich, England), writer

  • Karl Morten Dahl (Trondheim, Norway), web

    Playlist of may:
    Neutral Milk Hotel "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea". Merge 1998.
    Motorpsycho "Hey Jane EP". Sony/Stickman May 1998.
    10.Floor Orchestra "the E.P.". CD-single 1997, Krank 003.
    Bloody Pigeons "At the railroad station ep". CD-single 1998, Krank 004.
    Dipsomaniacs "Subterfuge EP". 7" dec. 1997 on Apartment Records.
    Robert Pollard "Waved Out". Forthcoming soloalbum from GbV mainman.
    Now, Voyager "EP". 1997.
    Nick Drake "Five Leaves Left". Hannibal Records 1969.
    Modest Mouse "The Lonesome, Crowded West". Up 1997 (Up44).
    Astroburger "I Used To Be Mod". Titletrack from the 1992 album.

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